Ideal Log

An imaginary log of my daily ideal.

I wake up and walk out to an area overlooking an enchanting view. I inhale deeply, my body filling with vitalizing air. A faint aroma of food wafts through, breakfast time. I greet my family, happy to see them after a night’s rest. I partake of the morning meal, a familiar routine that contrasts with the variety of dinner. We chat about life, listening and learning.

I retreat to an area of scenic solitude to contemplate and write. At times I walk, thinking to myself of the mysteries of life and how best to express ideas. I scan through many of the good things people have to say, the ways in which their lives are improving. I answer a question or two, spreading light amid darkness.

It’s the late afternoon and time to eat, the sun’s shining and my appetite’s revved up. Dinner is a sumptuous affair, I’m surrounded by delectable treats ready to eat. Hours pass as I dine into the early evening while watching tonight’s entertainment. Laughter and cheer are a familiar pair, honored guests as always.

Still bright we stroll near the water, we speak of our days, engaging in lighthearted gossip and pontificating about this and that. As darkness sets in I find a serene place to sit while watching shows and winding down my day. A thought pops up and I write it down for tomorrow. It’s soon time for sleep, I saunter into the bedroom to drift effortlessly off to dreamland.


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