Manufactured Conversation

Why aren’t we told that life is an artificial construct?

Explaining an illusion tends to spoil the illusion, therefore life’s underlying nature remains forever obfuscated. Imagine watching a movie in which the special effects are obtrusively fake, it takes us out of the story. Or think of a game whose outcome is obviously predetermined, we lose the feeling of chance and surprise. And for some, solving the mystery of life is part of the amusement.

If it’s fake, why don’t we live a perfect life?

From movies watched and games played, we can easily see that perfection does not tell an interesting tale. We’re more interested in what goes wrong and the struggle to fix it. We don’t live a perfect life simply because it’s not engaging enough.

If not perfect, why can’t we have a great life at least?

The world is artificial, so our eyes aren’t seeing what’s real — therefore nothing is inherently great, it’s just flickering pixels. A great life comes from a positive attitude, not external circumstances. Additionally, we are provided the free-will to accept or reject our situation. If we reject life, refusing to play along, then it will not be great. But if we accept life, our particular path will be one we ultimately enjoy.

Why would anyone reject their life?

Due to a misunderstanding. Consequently, they’re hindered by fear and disillusionment. They see the world as oppressively real and are scared of outcomes, which stops their progression.

Can someone eventually accept a life previously rejected?

Once they realize their gloomy ideas are based on a misunderstanding, they’ll be able to proceed on their path. They’ll overcome their fear and realize that life can be great when given the chance. They’ll trust in the goodness of life and focus on what they enjoy.

That seems like a lot of rigmarole.

Well again, there’s nothing of great importance going on here, just fodder for captivating drama. And really, the search for happiness is a valid path in and of itself, it’s an adventure same as any other.

Wait, are you violating a rule by exposing the illusion?

Life is too fast-paced and too engaging for such philosophical chatter to matter. Plus there’s a daily amnesia that sets in after sleep that will degrade any such realizations.

Is this a pointless conversation then?

It’s just a quick reminder of something you already know.


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