Good Life

How does one acquire happiness? By trusting in the goodness of life. For example: Will this turn out okay? Yes! Will I be okay? Yes! Will I find what I’m looking for? Yes! Will I fulfill my dreams? Yes! Will I be helped along the way? Yes! To enjoy existence, “life is good”, can be our only refrain.

Trusting in the goodness of life influences our perception of the world, turning dark into light. Fear and frustration result from distrusting life. To dispel our unease, we must unequivocally trust that life is good. Our very existence stems from life’s benevolence alone, it’s foolish to believe a meager vigilance assists in our survival.

We all have aspirations, so we should wonder: from where do these desires originate? And how is it that external circumstances align so well that wishes become fulfilled? It’s by the goodness of life that we’re granted the inclination to anticipate the sweet satisfaction of success — a fleeting treat that delights us all.

After anticipation comes attainment, the synchronization of aspiration and action. This is aligning with life, as we proficiently play our instrument. No longer defined by artificial limits, we become skilled craftsmen, musicians making merry melodies. By trusting in life, our mastery emerges.


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