Opening a Window

There is a window we can open to the realm of universal knowledge. But this window snaps shut when not held in place. And the weight of the window is too heavy to hold for long. The window itself is opaque, obscuring what lies behind. We can perceive something’s there but we see a distortion.

We can open the window whenever we want but we rarely remember. We need to remember — remember the dream-like nature of life within a world made malleable by imagination. In the stillness of the mind, a state reached through the practice of meditation, we gain the ability to willfully open the window.

But throughout our everyday routine we can recall the window, our link to the realm of understanding. When we feel fear or frustration, we can use this strong emotion as a trigger to remember. But even before such intensity strikes, we can attempt to set reminders, yet routine makes such artifacts easy to forget.

This window divides the world from its foundation. Beyond the window lies a source of light shining brilliance upon canvas, painting the flashing world before us. And when we must, we can open this window to receive fundamental insight into our existence. It is in this way we become enlightened.


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