Internal Inquery

Why is life so confusing, it seems like things don’t go as they should.

Life always goes as planned. The problem is your plan (or lack thereof). If you wander aimlessly, you can’t be surprised if you end up going in circles or wind up wherever.

But doesn’t life already have a plan for me?

Think of it this way, in a video-game the plan is pretty much known, but you need to synchronize your skills with the controls and the character to get him to the destination. Similarly, synchronize with life and faithfully follow the path by pursuing your preferences and aspirations.

What if I’m not sure about what I want?

Do something, anything. By moving forward you’ll encounter interests and obstacles. Follow what’s interesting and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of what’s worthwhile.

But how do I know which is the right direction?

There’s fundamentally nothing you need to achieve in this life. Fulfillment comes from the pursuit itself. A game is played not for its outcome but for the enjoyment brought by participation. Likewise, a story isn’t merely a means to get to “The End”, it’s the meat in the middle that matters. In short, proceeding in any direction is the right direction.

Then how do I better align myself with life?

Ignore the fear, uncertainty, and doubt. The plan resides inside you — implement it. Visualize, keeping it in your thoughts throughout the day. Inspire yourself with imagination while rejecting self-imposed limitations. Trust in life.

But what if my dreams don’t come soon enough?

Do you fast-forward every movie you watch? Enjoy the show, an efficient life is a short one.

But what if things don’t work out, I’ll end up destitute.

How much have you really done for yourself up to this point? If life didn’t prop you up in every instance you’d be crushed by the weight of the world. If your life was a random act of existence you’d have been dead a thousand times over by now. You live by life’s designs. Life got you here, and if you let it, life will fulfill your dreams.

How do I allow life to help me?

Consent to your path, pursue your path, appreciate your path. Life is on your side, don’t resist with trepidation. Resistance results in pain while compliance cures confusion. Show appreciation with patience, as frustration begets grief.

Why can’t it be easy?

Difficult, is living in a constant state of worry, fearing the worst at every turn. Simply stop maintaining an erroneous belief about the nefarious nature of the world. Reject anxiety and trust in life.

But why is the world so scary?

A child is often scared of the boogeyman yet upon closer inspection no such entity exists. Your fear is similarly imagined, it’s based on a misunderstanding, a false projection of your own design. Trust in the goodness of life, and this trust will shine its brilliance on all you observe.


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