Responsibility Problem

An excerpt from the fictional tales of Alien on Earth.

Let’s call government what it is, a constant struggle against irresponsible oligarchy. Unless a group is minuscule, there will always be a small segment of the group administering over the majority. What a just government attempts to accomplish is the elimination of privilege afforded to, or by, this administrative segment. To be just, there must be fairness in selecting administrators from the entirety and there must be fairness in the enforcement of rules through uniform application.

It is much easier for people to accept conditions if they feel they had some influence in creating them. Voting for instance, allows a majority to feel invested even though their influence is nominal or nonexistent. But unfortunately, this condition allows furtive oligarchies to manifest and persist. There’s the appearance of participation by the majority, yet privilege entrenches itself and overall conditions worsen. Hidden oligarchies are insidious because voters assume responsibility for problems they believe to be self-inflicted.

Oligarchies are not necessarily malignant entities, but hidden oligarchies are problematic due to a lack of accountability. Groups can succeed with leaders, yet when leaders are not selected based on performance, but by privilege or deceit, then that’s a problem waiting to happen. To better protect against the poison of privilege, each position within government must display a transparency of appointment, a transparency of benefit, and a transparency of duty. How did an individual receive his role, how might such a position benefit him personally, and how does he carry-out his duty. To ensure such transparency, rabid reporters are necessary.

Without invasive, tenacious, and high-minded watchmen, corruption runs rampant. Without full-access to the ongoings of government, the influence of the majority nears insignificance. From positions of power, no secrets can be kept from the majority or else power can grow unchecked. And if ever the role of watchman is minimized, then those seeking to exploit the majority easily enter, profiteering at will.

If a nationally distributed, independent and not-for-profit source of trusted news is not available to inform the majority, then a just government cannot exist. Government related information must not be sensationalized and must have a historical perspective. Info-tainment outlets must be held accountable for misleading information. Good government is boring and it is up to watchmen to make sure it remains that way. In effect, anyone should be able to hold office when the eyes of the watchers are vigilant.

Therefore, in order to bring about good government, the priority must be to establish an independent news organization that provides an accurate yet succinct accounting of government-related information. And furthermore, the people must seek the dissolution of all outlets that sell false-narratives for profit and power. Any conclusion reached through the consideration of bad-data is necessarily a bad conclusion. An ill-informed electorate has lost its power to decide.


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