Idealistic Spirit

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Gentleman from Massachusetts.

A political impasse you say? Hmm, well as a man whose insides are infused with the spirit of Massachusetts, let me offer my perspective.

My early English ancestors had a spiritual disagreement with the leaders of their day which led them to seek safe-harbor elsewhere. In essence, they abandoned their homeland in search of piety across the sea, you see. They were idealists that sought perfection within their world — and since they were zealous pilgrims, the struggle for basic survival within a harsh landscape would not even stop them. They believed in the power of All-Mighty God, the Creator to get them through the toughest of times. And for those that survived the brutality of daily life, things seemed to work out okay.

Then a generation or two later, their decendents, also idealists, felt that they needed to exile their government. They did not thoroughly despise the King of Great Britain as their rhetoric suggests — they in fact maintained a decent relationship in the years to follow — but they were a rebellious lot that wouldn’t be told what to do. But this time, instead of religious idealism to bind them, they focused on philosophy and citizen-centric government. And like their forefathers, they desired to be a shining city on a hill, an example for all the world to follow.

So from a Massachusetts perspective, shedding one’s stodgy old government in order to develop a more perfect union makes perfect sense. Granted, those of the Massachusetts spirit always bite off more than they can chew and struggle to get things up and running, but eventually, after a few choke and fall along the way, life stabilizes and they become the shining example they so eagerly sought to be. Well, until they find something new to complain about — but such is life.

So according to the wisdom of my ancestors, when stuck in political turmoil: scrap it and start again. Abandon the old ways, dismantle the bureaucracy, seek to implement idealism no matter the cost. With enough faith in the goodness of life and each other, things will work out eventually. And when they do, the world will look on in wonder.


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