Easy Enlightenment

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Daily Beacon.

Dear Rich, I don’t have the time nor energy to dedicate decades towards enlightenment, I want the good stuff quick and easy, please advise.

Dear reader, you’re right, it’s the modern era and people need 21-day fixes. Let’s see if this works for you. I’m not promising anything, but it’s worth a shot, so why not. And at the very least, perhaps it’ll inspire you to go further by the end of it.

First, you’ll have to prove that you’re dedicated to this task and follow the regimen I’m about to lay out.

Meditate twice daily for 20 minutes each, selecting times when you’re not sleepy. Sit cross-legged, arms resting lightly on your thighs, eyes gently closed, and breathing normally. During the exhale portion of your breath, mentally say the word “OM”, inhale, OM, inhale, OM. At many points throughout the 20 minutes you’re going to stop saying OM, notice this, and simply go back to silently saying it. Do this for all 21 days.

To further prove your discipline and dedication, you’ll need to go on a basic diet for all 21 days. The foods should include nothing but basic ingredients, nothing complex, just nutritious foods with simple ingredients. Serve yourself reasonable portions — don’t stuff, no second helpings.

Additionally, you’ll need to bathe your mind in the spirit of enlightenment. This is not a sales-pitch so you’re welcome to seek out alternate books, but I happen to have two short books of the type I’m prescribing (mine have the advantage of being brief enough to be read in a few days, are low-cost, and available in various formats — paperback, kindle, iBooks, etc). The first book should be about enlightenment itself (mine’s called Path to Enlightenment by Richard Lawrence). The second book should be a translation of the Bhagavad Gita (mine’s Bhagavad Gita by Richard Lawrence).

Attempt to attain a general awareness throughout the day. If you notice yourself feeling angry or anxious, remind yourself of the path you’re on, think of OM or the books you’ve been reading — return your focus to the path. Additionally, it’ll be easier to watch your thoughts if you write them down, so keep a daily journal throughout the 21 days. If you begin to write anything unpleasant, stop and ponder until you select something good to write about. Just stare at your thought-stream until something pleasant pops up.

And finally, regularly remind yourself of this belief: the Buddha was just a prince perturbed by life who simply sought a way to deal with his suffering. He sat in meditation until finally his dread disappeared. You can do likewise.

That’s it dear reader. Do that for 21 days and you’re sure to set yourself on a worthwhile path.


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