Perfect Politics

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Gentleman from Massachusetts.

I often speak of perfect politics, idealized sentiments of democratic policy, yet that’s not what the people clamor for is it. Nay, the masses are stirred to action by puppeteers pulling the strings of division. Superficial issues are wedged between father and son, mother and daughter, neighbor and neighbor. If after a politician speaks outrage ensues, expect no productive act to follow.

A just government is formed by the consent of the people, and for such a government to function, civil discourse must be the currency by which representatives reach their common ends. These ends must at all times involve the prosperity of the people — all people. A government ignoring such ends by right need be altered or abolished.

Good government by its nature does not induce excitement. Government sets and enforces the rules by which the people play. If policies incite and divide the people, then those are not pure policies but tools of manipulation to garner power. There is much to gain for ravenous wolves who separate the people into digestible chunks.

A just government acts according to the will of the people. A politician painting a pessimistic narrative to pull the people down a particular path is no longer a representative, but a repressive influence. The people are not a herd to be led, but leaders themselves. Leadership by an individual is the very antithesis of democracy.

But the ignorance of the masses, you say. If this world consists of nothing but rot, then what worth is it, I say. Either you believe in the underlying goodness of humanity or you believe yourself surrounded by cutthroat thieves, I say. When people lack-not the common dignities of life, they choose right every time, I say. When the people are not induced to panic-stricken fear, they embrace one another, I say.

The rot of this world is not the people, but the idea of division itself. And to manufacture that division, opportunists use outrage. Pitiful bullies driven by insecurity selfishly take at the expense of others, coercing the world into a mold their immature minds can comprehend. Such tactics cannot be tolerated within a democracy.

In this instance, I speak not to the masses, but to the immune system, those guardians that appear only when sickness manifests. By their voicelessness and uncertainty, the people summon you to action lest they succumb. The people must be inspired to greatness, to utilize their own strength, to be brave despite their fear.

This is a time of transition in which the people must unite for the common good, ensuring that the advances of humanity do not fade away. Awaken dear guardians of democracy, establish that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.


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