Notes on Goodness

The foundation of goodness is compassion. The good recognize the pain of others and strive to alleviate that suffering even if it necessitates self-sacrifice. Goodness is forgoing one’s own comfort for the sake of another’s.

We can therefore judge society by this guideline. Do some prosper without regard for the pain of others? A society is good when it strives to reduce the suffering of all.

Privilege, the belief that others must sacrifice for the personal comfort of some, is the mark of a sick society. A society built around selfishness produces pain in excess.

What use is a world rooted in cutthroat thievery? It would be a blight amongst planets, a land unfit for living. Without compassion and self-sacrifice such a world would be hell.

The opposite therefore, a realm in which compassion and self-sacrifice reign, is heaven. The scared and confused take, the good give. The good society battles the idea of fear and educates in compassion.

It is immaturity to be inspired by fear. The good eschew fear, as they labor to lessen the load of others, this is bravery. To know joy is to facilitate the joy of others. Give and the goodness of life shall be given to you.


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