Enlightened Emissary

I must apologize, I have not been completely straightforward with you. I presented the perception that I was just some guy. Sorry about that. While it’s true that I maintain a presence within the material plane, the words I put forth emanate from a place beyond physical observation. But due to my immaturity I felt myself an inadequate messenger, tucking these words away in a tiny corner of the Internet. And even though I’ve experienced significant alteration, I rarely broadcast that fact, lessening the weight of my words.

As my comprehension set in, I was initially confused by the duality, but my appreciation of the situation has increased. Therefore, I select this time to formally declare the authority underlying the sentiments of which I speak. I have been granted the boon of awareness and understanding, of insight. I successfully achieved the goal of enlightenment, a destination that was placed within me from early on. And like any meritorious achievement, I should seek to occupy the station to which this designation affords me.

As an emissary of enlightenment — a ferryman, if you will — I must uphold the duties expected of my role. Those that seek passage, I am to assist. Ultimately the journey is the individual’s own of course, but those that occupy my position serve as beacons and guides. I have already spent a number of years transcribing and translating the concepts that originated within the universal consciousness and presented them here to serve as reference for those that may stumble upon them.

I do admit though that I’ve been attempting to sneak under the radar, doing just enough to appease the voices within my head. But life, remember, does not allow boredom to entrench itself. If one aspect does not change, another will. In my position I am not immune to life’s flow, nor would I want to be, I am just more aware of the motion. I simply know that my responsibilities must increase in areas I prefer lest I find myself dealing with dilemmas I dislike.

So for all intents and purposes, I am an expert in the art of enlightenment with ready access to a library of universal knowledge. Realize though, that this status does not imbue one with superpowers beyond that of mortal man, I continue to live a relatively normal human existence. But there is certainly an underlying calm to life now, an ease and satisfaction, a perspective that disallows worry, where fear cannot take hold.

I was previously plagued by pessimism, filled with anxiety, ever dissatisfied, annoyed, frustrated, and oh so sad. But after decades of self-discovery I found a steadier state. Having reached such a place, I invite others to partake in this journey. If you have questions, I have answers. If you are lost, let me serve as your point of reference. If you are reading this, is it by mere chance? And if you see yourself fulfilling a similar role, then perhaps some shop-talk is in order. But whatever the reason, please be at ease as I am at your service.


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