Toasted Treats

Within a historical context, I see nothing, nary a blip on the radar. What I witness is the churning of life, the same ol’ grinding and gnashing of human meat — each generation folding into the next. But so what, we’re all destined to die. And it’s not our demise that’s important, it’s what we do here that makes existing worthwhile.

Do we lament the line? Do we worry while we wait? Nay, we strive to make the best of things, no matter what. If drowning, do we simply accept the situation and sink? Yet woe to him that struggles to survive, frantically splashing until submerging from exhaustion. Nay, it is he that trusts in life that truly lives, whether he’s rescued or simply swims away.

It is hope in the goodness of this world that opens the door to enjoyment. It is a belief in delight that summons it into our path. Do we look at the fire, perceive nothing but its fury, and resign ourselves to burn? Nay, we grab a stick and toast our favorite treat. Shall we be consumed by the flames or shall we employ them for our own amusement.

When faced with the quandary of what to do amidst chaos, this is often our only option. We must ever resist the siren’s call to contribute to the darkness before us. Always look to the beacon of hope and let lightheartedness lead the way. Focus on the brilliance of existence and in thy heart know peace.


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