Bad vs Good

A super-villain sees nothing but rot in the world and needs to chop it out. With a shortsighted definition of perfection, he slashes and burns his way through what he fails to understand. He attempts to crush what’s different, favoring uniformity in all aspects. To him, the unusual are useless, the weak are worthless. A super-villain carries disdain for whatever can’t defend itself.

A superhero sees the good in all things and attempts to bring balance to the world. With a broad definition of perfection, he promotes platforms of self-expression. He fights against those powers that would limit people from freely pursuing their personal paths. To him, every being, despite their particular frailties, deserves to personify their own nature. Despite their comparative weakness, a superhero attempts to save human-beings.

As children there’s much we don’t understand. We often favor simplicity and sameness. Our emotions are volatile as we have little ability to deal with unfamiliar feelings. We seek strength to protect us from fright. We assert control by picking on what’s weakest. What seems evil is immaturity.

As we mature, we tend to appreciate what we previously misunderstood. We favor diversity and difference. Our emotions are more subtle as we routinely deal with familiar feelings. We are no longer scared of boogeymen. We attempt to protect the weakest among us. From growth comes goodness.


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