Wantful Ways

Have you ever not wanted anything? Some would say that’s called satisfaction. Nope, it’s called boredom. Want is what provides the zest for life. To be without desire is to be dead. Want is the motivator that beckons us to engage.

Want is demonized so often due to a warped perspective of the world. Want is less a requisite and more a suggestion. It’s an activity planner, setting our agenda through life. Whether we attain the object of our desire is of no real concern because our fundamental goal is participation.

Want itself is not the problem, obsession towards want is what leads to trouble. We must not ultimately care about whether a want is achieved because another want is waiting around the corner. When we fulfill a desire another appears in its place. This is not a treadmill of frustration, it’s for our benefit, to alleviate apathy.

Anticipation is one of the greatest feelings we can experience — and want is what provides this opportunity. Do not lament lack, embrace it as encouragement to move. Without such stings we would be still as stones. Satisfaction is the appreciation of want, not the absence of it.


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