A Polite Party

I could discuss the logic behind a policy that we the people should adopt — but a reasonable discussion is not where change comes from, is it. And a law can be passed, but people will do whatever it is they believe in.

To build a ship, begin not by ordering men to chop and toil, instead teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.

To change the world, minds must be changed. Inspirational influence, not cold logic, wins the day. Forcing a man to give of what he possesses lasts only as long as he lacks a loophole, he must give graciously.

The crux of the issue has always been this: we must perceive each other as honored guests. We merely appeared here, we enter with nothing and likewise leave. Being visitors, we’ve no right to anything in particular. And we’ve certainly no right to interfere with the amusement of others.

We must follow a polite party protocol. We take only what we can immediately consume. To those who ask, we give. We engage in activities that do not disturb those nearby (or simply move ourselves to where such things are appropriate). We seek harmony with all in attendance. We do not counter rudeness with rudeness but with poise. We do not intervene in the relationships of others. We refrain from vain promises that are not in our power to keep. We recognize all attendees as sincerely invited guests that are due a level of hospitality equal to everyone else.

This is a costume party of course, as true identities remain unknown. Who lies behind each mask, perhaps an essence that runs deeper than we perceive. Beneath our own mask lies a depth not revealed by our outward appearance, so we must assume this holds true for all others. This ocean of humanity is the vast and endless sea that man must be made to yearn for if he is to build a great society.

The plots we pen and the pictures we paint must portray people as the source of life’s treasures. Our enemy is simply the dour attitude that perceives this party as a fearsome condition requiring vigilance for survival. It is not policy, but a desire to cooperate with our fellow man that creates a great society. An attitude of goodwill towards all is what we must foster within ourselves and is what we must inspire within others.


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