Creative Power

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Wandering Monk.

How does a creation glorify its creator? By fulfilling the function instilled within it. And what is man but a feeble creature that must utilize faith for his survival. We hope the food is always there, we hope the shelter keeps us warm, we hope the ground remains firm beneath our feet. Yet within this mass of meekness lies imagination, a powerful creative force.

It is this imagination that allows a delicate fellow to create a fantasyland for himself. We are created in His image as creators ourselves. What achievement does mankind celebrate most, but his creations: engineering feats, the building of nations, the production of art so moving it brings tears to the eyes. Man makes that which appears within his mind — that is the function by which he finds fulfillment.

But man draws from an infinite well of inspiration for his designs. This well contains everything that can be made, both dark and light. It is man’s freewill to choose the hues with which he paints. Yet this is not an obvious choice as we tend to paint with colors that blend with our surroundings. So if surrounded by darkness, we must go above and beyond to select the light.

It is no easy task to seek the light, as it requires hopefulness, a relentless belief in the goodness of life. But the reward is great and the alternative gross. It’s merely the inertia we must overcome before it becomes habit to see the best in life. And with this optimism taken to the utmost, we must beam as a beacon before all, inspiring others to bathe in the brilliant light.


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