Future Civilization H

In this future civilization, death-by-tool is considered a priority problem. For example, tens of thousands of deaths per year were considered unacceptable, so every human-controlled car on the road has a speed-limiter installed to cap speeds at 35 mph. Additionally, new cars have acceleration rate-limitations and roll-cages that protect passengers in-case of roll-over.

Sprinkler systems are retrofitted within homes and made mandatory for new construction and all multi-unit residential buildings. Never again can a fire rage through a dwelling where people unwittingly sleep. Remote-alarms and ventilation systems are required on all gas installations and piping has been improved to minimize leakage.

Because of their prevalence in thousands of homicides per year, handguns are no longer manufactured or sold. Existing handguns can be turned over to a generous buy-back program. Police no longer carry handguns. Long-barrel guns with manual-rate-of-fire (bolt, lever, pump-action) with 5-round capacities or less are the only firearms allowed to be manufactured and sold.

Food items with an overwhelming percentage of sweetener are restricted through increased taxation and bundled-quantity limits. For example, sugar-based drinks are taxed whereas typical cookies and cakes with ample non-sugar ingredients are not subject to additional tax. But, cookies and other such delectables are limited to 12 per package (or other applicable limitation). Also, purity labels help consumers select foods containing authentic all-natural time-tested ingredients.

All new pool construction requires removable pool fences and safety signs/brochures detailing the inherent risks to small children and necessary precautions. Similarly, stair-gates are as prevalent as car-seats and electrical outlets are covered by default. All commercially sold substances that would be poisonous if consumed have their container colored with a standardized black/orange pattern (visible from all sides) based on level of toxicity. For instance, the container of a highly-toxic substance would be almost completely patterned whereas a more milder cleaning agent would have a much smaller indicator.

Environmental poisoning is considered an egregious offense that is handled swiftly and surely. Industries that are higher-risk are closely monitored and pay into an environmental insurance fund. Long-term effects of substances and practices are tested and documented. Animal habitats, especially fisheries, are overseen and regulated. Drinking water is regularly tested from within homes.


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