Selecting Success

The concept of worldly success necessitates a belief in self-determination. We must intentionally select a goal then attain it by utilizing our abilities. If we believe that life happens to us, that everything is beyond our control, then we cannot attain worldly success — it’s simply an incompatible viewpoint. Therefore, if worldly success is something we want, we must believe in our own agency — we must be sure that we can influence life.

A game in which we utilize our talents tends to be more fun than one that assigns triumph at random. There’s no real investment if outcomes happen by chance without even a sliver of our own input. Whether true or not, we will enjoy life the most if we at least pretend like we’re influencing the action. Whether we believe in our own physical abilities to overcome external challenges, whether we believe in divine requests, whether we believe in plain ole magic, it doesn’t matter as long as we think we’ve got some say in our trajectory.

And as long as we’re busily imagining our ability to influence, we might as well make sure we’re fantasizing about the most positive outcomes we can muster. If life is random, it won’t matter anyway, but at least we won’t waste time worrying about things we can’t control. But if life isn’t random, then who knows, perhaps our positive pondering will set a course to the place we dreamt of.


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