Unnatural Success

The unnaturally successful believe in an unnatural world and act accordingly, thus achieving the seemingly impossible. And if you listen closely, you’ll hear them say it. It comes down to this: you program the world with your imagination. And even on a practical level this is true — every thing accomplished began as an idea within the mind.

But beyond a practical level, realize how powerful imagination becomes when physical limitations are removed. As children we have innate limits on our abilities, we’re small and inexperienced — consequently we believe limitations are inherent to life. So as adults, we must shed our belief in boundaries and proceed from an openminded outlook.

What makes these unnatural achievers unique is not inborn skill, but unlimited belief. They place no limits on life. Can anything be done? YES! Anything at all? YES! But what about…? YES! YES! YES! The unnaturally successful believe in a fantasy world where maximums do not exist — creativity is infinite.

How can success come to those unwilling to believe in its probability? It’s not randomly assigned, it comes to those who ask. And the way in which we ask is with our imagination, we dream big. The super-successful have been saying this for ages: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! This is no cliche, it is literally the path they traveled.


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