X Marks the Spot

Wandering without a destination in mind leads to nowhere in particular. It could be good or it could be bad. But is that where we want to end up — in a random location? If not, then we best think of a place we want to go. Don’t worry about how long it takes to get there or by what means we’ll arrive, just imagine a satisfying destination. With a goal our voyage won’t be aimless. At every little fork we’ll tend to select the path that leads closer to our target.

No great feats need be done, just a decision to chase a particular vision. The roadway may not even be paved at this point. The tools might not yet be invented. Perhaps the people haven’t come into our life at this time. But when the destination is known, the people, places, and things will become obvious components of our journey. Without a blueprint and a desire to build, a hammer is a useless hunk of metal. Pick an objective, then everything has a relation to it — otherwise everything is arbitrary.

A goal is required to provide significance to the things we come in contact with. How should we spend our time, who should we befriend, where should we go — these can’t be adequately answered without a specific purpose in mind. And without a defined destination, we’re distracted by everything that enters our periphery. But once we have something to look forward to, we’ll stop looking back.

If we lack a goal, we’ll receive exactly what we wish for: nothing. Without a goal we’re in a purgatory awaiting random assignment to heaven or hell. We must therefore pick a destination and pursue it — so pick the pleasant option! Spend time designing and daydreaming the perfect life. Play it back for weeks until it’s ingrained within the imagination. How can we ever hope for fulfillment when we’ve set no objective? Treasure lies in the pursuit of X.


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