Art Project

Being human is not a utilitarian affair. Efficiency would not enhance our situation — we wouldn’t want to race our way to death. Existence is our purpose, but not simply existing nor even longevity. Within each of us is an art-project, it’s part of our individual makeup, we can’t shake it, we are set on a path to implement it the best we can.

We can see the plans for this art-project when we stare vacantly and imagine our ideal life. As artists, it’s our job to craft this vision into actuality. We’re provided some initial materials to work with, such as a body and our surroundings, but even those are up for alteration. And realize, the process is part of the fun, the outcome doesn’t have to be perfect.

Also realize that the world is a shared canvas, we must be respectful of other’s work. Some of us prefer to paint alone whereas others enjoy group projects. Some of us go nuts and get wild whereas others prefer painting serenely. This is just another part of the dynamic we have to work with.

And although this is a shared experience, we mustn’t let others constrain our vision. The boundaries of what’s possible have never been set. What we see today is our starting point, not our limit. And we begin this journey by peering into the mind and studying the picture of our ideal life.

We don’t care about how, that’s not our concern. New ways of doing things come into being all the time. Our job isn’t to invent the tools we use. We simply keep an open mind and stay focused on the goal. We should not attempt to mechanically place each and every stroke. Art requires a certain flow to take hold and guide our hand as we touch brush to canvas.

Achieve this confidence in application through constant visualization of the desired outcome. If the picture becomes so clear we can paint it in our sleep, then certainty of achievement follows. See it before you paint it. Imagine everyday until the image burns so brightly it bursts through and simply must be made.


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