Painted Dreams

Why should we abandon the notion of a naturally occurring world and adopt the idea of a dream-like world instead? The primary reason is happiness. A natural-world contains too many frightening concepts. There’s random chance, there’s perpetual pressure, there’s constant caution, there’s kill or be killed, there’s a whole host of anxiety inducing scenarios.

In a dream-like world, we have the option of self-determination. No longer is our life limited by forces beyond our control. And with this power we take a larger stake in our lives, our existence becomes a lump of clay we shape and mold into the ideal we imagine. Whereas in a natural world we’re limited, we’re merely a product of our environment.

But realize we don’t automatically get what we want. Our surroundings are formed by intermingling dreams. We’re constantly flicked with bits of sloppily sloshed on paint from our neighbors. If we wait patiently for outcomes to happen naturally we end up as a multi-colored mess with nothing to show for it.

No, we need to pick up our brush and apply paint to this world. And to have the freedom and confidence to do this, we need to believe in a world of dreams, no longer limiting ourselves to what we’ve already seen. We mustn’t let our creativity be capped by the imaginings of others. We must paint our own picture on the wall of the world.


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