Switching Sides

If you listen to people talk about the world, you’ll notice glaring inconsistencies in logic. Everyone has a theory they parrot when discussing the origin of the world and its underlying functionality. But when discussing everyday life, health, safety, resource management, and goal completion, they veer wildly off-script.

I’m no better at maintaining logical consistency, I’m just more irritated when I notice it. I don’t like this irritation so I’m attempting to reach a more logically consistent state by adopting an alternate theory to the one I’ve been parroting.

I previously believed that the world was formed naturally over time and people likewise evolved over time. Disease was mostly germ/toxin-based. Extreme caution was necessary for safety and survival. Resources were severely limited and required careful management. Goals were achieved through struggle and/or luck. But I no longer believe in this Natural-World Theory.

The alternate theory I’m adopting is this: The world is an artificial construct created as-is. Disease, safety, and survival are based on one’s mental state and expectation of health. Because the world is an artificial construct, resources are not limited. Goals are achieved through intensity of desire and expectation of outcome. I’m currently calling this the Dream-World Theory.

Many people will not admit to believing in a Dream-World Theory, but their actions tell a different story. Some people pick and choose from both sides, but that’s horribly inconsistent since such theories are direct opposites. What I’m attempting to do is pick one side and stick to it.

I’m picking the Dream-World Theory because it seems like the side filled with sunshine and smiles. Additionally, and after many years of adherence, I found too many inconsistencies with the Natural-World Theory, it just didn’t sync well with observed data and required an ample dose of delusion to maintain. And what’s worse, is that there’s no payoff, no benefit to believing in a natural world. At least the Dream-World Theory allows for magic — who doesn’t like magic?!

The natural-world is serious business by the way. One slip-up and you’re dead. Yeah, that sounds fun. I’m sick of being scared and not smiling. I’ve sat and watched Dream-World theorists play their days away without a care in the world — yet they survived the same as someone that took every precaution.

The natural world is a brutish place where only the strong thrive, where the weak are relegated to serving their superiors, where chance determines fate, where death and disease lurk around every corner. In the dream world, every one of us is the superstar we always imagined ourselves to be, we follow our own path through life, our focus influences our fate, and the maintenance and expiration of the body is not our concern. Quite simply, I choose the world of dreams.


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