Dreamy Details

What are some situations that make more sense in a dream-like world?

Driving a car. By no rational means can an ape-like creature, that’s barely able to walk without tripping, handle hurtling tonnage with the deftness he does. People unable to operate the simplest hand-tool suddenly know how to take a giant mechanical beast out and about for a daily commute without so much as a hiccup in operation. Accident-prone people stumble throughout their day, yet on the roadway where speed and reaction times are critical factors, they miraculously make no mistakes. And driving at night is outright insanity as people travel at daylight speeds and simply trust that nothing is in front of them. And why does society-at-large not do its utmost in preventing the accidents that do happen? People willingly zoom at ludicrous speeds. If driving was logical, vehicles would be capped at 20 mph and made virtually death-proof. As it is, people can literally die while going to pick up a sandwich. The concept of driving a car only works under dream-logic.

Supernatural Survival. Everyone’s heard tales of miraculous survival despite harrowing odds. In a natural world these people would be dead. But in the world of dreams they readily survive. Is it luck? Nah, just dream-logic. These situations also make for exciting stories.

Dramatic Performances. The inhabitants of the world are always involved in melodramatic tales of intrigue. And if you watch closely, you’ll notice how the plots are recycled again and again. In a natural world, we’d just go about our business eating a banana or two. But in a dream-world, we’re steeped in endless drama.

Talentless Celebrities. Think of any prominent person you despise and wonder how they achieved their fame and fortune. How can fans follow such an untalented and uncharismatic charlatan? Answer: it’s dream-logic. People wish to be prominent and become so.

Personal Connections. I’ve witnessed weird ties between people almost to the point of telepathy. They seem to know all too well what the other is about to do. I’ve also seen couples come together despite vast odds of doing so, as if they were meant to be. Is there some underlying force in the universe, or perhaps it’s just a dream.

Health Practices. I’ve witnessed people engage in unhealthy lifestyles yet live into their nineties. In my family for instance, smoking is apparently not a death-sentence but an elixir of life. These particular people didn’t see smoking as unhealthy, they saw it as medicinal, as a means to improve their lives. This makes the most sense under dream-logic. From diets to medical treatments to safety precautions — these prescriptions for health vary wildly in their results. Perhaps patients get what they expect. Again, dream-logic.

Consciousness. Why are we always watching ourselves? Weird, isn’t it? It’s almost as if we’re watching a show, or having a dream. Hmm.

Existential Haze. Try looking for specific answers about life. Every path leads to a hazy mist of mystery. We tend to assume that someone somewhere knows something, and we take comfort in this person’s mastery of existence. Yet if we try to find this person or attempt to discover answers on our own, we find it was all a mirage, there’s nothing concrete to be had.

Daily Amnesia. Whenever we do finally figure something out about life, we often neglect to apply it to our everyday life. There’s an inertia of ignorance keeping us from applying wisdom within our lives. Isn’t it interesting that we also forget dreams soon after we have them? Perhaps such forgetfulness keeps us from being bored, allowing us to live everyday anew.

Achieving Success. Those that find success often say “Follow your dreams”. And if you listen to their tale, so many coincidental circumstances seem to carve a path toward their inevitable achievement. They’ll often speak of hard-work, but “luck” or “timing” tends to enter the conversation without fail — in other words, there seems to be forces beyond their control helping them along the way. All the successes we see serve as examples of dreams coming true.

Prayers and wishes. For those that have seen their prayers answered, they know life is no natural occurrence, at least for a little bit. But of course this feeling is typically brushed aside as daily amnesia sets in.

Written Wisdom. Throughout the ages people have been describing life’s dream-like nature. Why is this do you think? A conspiracy to trick others into believing nonsense? Or is it simply life how it actually is? Perhaps our shortsightedness hasn’t allowed us to see what’s been in front of our eyes the entire time. But through these descriptions, our perspective is adjusted and our vision corrected.

So ask yourself, do these sound like the characteristics of a naturally occurring world? Or is this just fantasy?


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