Logical Limits

I tend to hold a Vulcan-like adherence to logic and reason. This influences the path I take through life because I will only follow what I believe to be the most logical course. But as ideals to govern one’s life by, logic and reason can be overly restrictive. And as expected, I do confine myself to a life ruled by self-imposed limitations.

Yet perhaps in a dream-like world, doing what’s logical is actually illogical. Logic and reason depend on available data. The information I use as the basis of logic and reason changes over time — so what’s logical one day isn’t necessarily logical the next. Therefore, within a world of illusion, rationality is a mirage.

Without a foundation of fact to build on, there can be no reason. Because the origin of everything is conjecture at best, we cannot know how anything comes to be. Is it not a childish act to pretend like we know? To move into maturity, mustn’t we stop the pretense and admit our ignorance?

It would be a mistake to ever criticize with confidence, there’s just no justification for it. The logical position to take in life is complete and utter open-mindedness. Our predictive abilities are far from flawless, and we’ve been wrong many times, therefore we can never know when we’re right about anything.

Our senses awoke into this world one day, to a land already humming along and brimming with life. We truly know nothing of what came before us, relying on mere fragments cobbled together from secondhand sources. Is it all just a dream? We don’t know what this is, but the melodrama and mysteriousness certainly seem suspicious.

If we are to follow a logical life, then rationality dictates we must abandon any reliance on unfathomable facts. The world sits atop belief, it’s opinions all the way down. Fear and worry are now worthless, as they relied on the certainty of doom. Impossibilities simply don’t exist. A few unsubstantiated data-points prove nothing.

Existence is open to exploration, so that is what we must do. The maps that have been drawn are meaningless, as truly uncharted territory is found in whatever direction we wander. We start with a blank page that’s ours to fill-in. And only when we cease setting up fences, can we reach the bountiful banquet life sets before us.


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