Dream Logic

It’s possible that life follows dream logic, not an absolute clear-cut logic. In other words, logic conforms to each situation and may even appear illogical from an outside perspective. This is one reason we can’t mechanically follow other people’s path through life, the underlying logic changes. In the initial individual’s dream, everything made perfect sense and behaved accordingly. In the second individual’s dream, the fundamental logic likely varies.

Life is dreamlike in a few ways already. For instance, we often find ourselves abruptly placed within challenging situations. Life consists of well-defined scenes strung together. Our lives play out as narratives with various paths and twists. If existence was simply an organic affair, life would not be so consistently melodramatic.

Life is a dream, so what? Well, like dreaming, it might be possible to enter a lucid state where we’re more in control. I’m becoming more and more aware of life’s artificial nature, which means I realize that I’m dreaming. Now that I regularly realize this, I can consciously alter the dream — or that’s the theory anyway. I’m actively trying to alter it though, so we’ll see. I’ve actually noticed little changes here and there, physical realm stuff, not merely my perspective.

I do think other people are “real” and this world comprises our intermingling dreams. Fashionable ideas come and go and sweep over all of us. These ideas influence the world’s course. I think lucid dreamers might have the power to shape society. Perhaps it’s like a battle between wizards. But that’s probably just the particular dream I’m having. It makes sense in its own context, but outside of that it will seem absurd.

You know, I’d really like to go on some outings in a new camper van, it’d be great for the spring/summer season around here. I’m going to concentrate on it and see if it manifests. Nope, nothing yet. For reference, I’m picturing the Roadtrek SS Agile with Champagne exterior and tan interior and bamboo cabinetry. I think the manifestation of such a silly thing would serve as substantial evidence in favor of life’s dream-like nature. My doubt is diminishing as days pass. How, why, it doesn’t matter, it’s dream logic.

Note: This was written as it occurred to me, a stream of consciousness, so it may not make much sense. I’m also sleepy.


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