Hiding Hole

I know someone that knows someone that lived right nextdoor to a house that was destroyed by a small airplane. I’ve seen a fair number of news-reports of houses exploding from gas leaks, of authorities forcibly entering the wrong residences, of cars crashing through walls, of spontaneous electrical fires, of tornados ripping dwellings to smithereens. I also recall hearing incidents of people choking on food while alone, of slips and falls, and of family members being abused — all within the confines of their home. In short, if safety is our goal, we cannot hide within our home. Yet we dare not step foot outside of our house since calamity awaits us there too.

No matter where we go we’re exposed to danger lurking around every corner. If we believe in fear, there are no safe-havens. Our only solution to this precarious predicament is to demolish fear itself. After all, fear is what paralyzes us into remaining within that death-trap we call a house. We must come to the conclusion that life is not out to destroy us. If life was so menacing we would not have been born, humanity would have been wiped out long ago. Our existence proves that the world favors creation over destruction. It is an untruth to claim the world is wicked. Life never lied to us, we know our time is temporary.

The thrill of life comes from its fleeting nature. For entertainment, do we stare at a single static image for hours on end? No, we watch flickering pictures filled with plot twists and misfortune. We abhor boredom yet we so often claim we’d prefer a predictable path through life. We crave interesting experiences, so we need to stop telling ourselves otherwise. And should we find ourselves bored, then we know fear is to blame. There’s plenty of stuff to do, we’re simply allowing fear to prevent our participation.

What are we protecting ourselves from? Death? Nope, that’s guaranteed. An early departure? Nope, too many internal and external factors at play — can’t account for them all. Pain? Nope, it can come a hundred different ways, and sitting still for long periods of time is one of them. Embarrassment or shame? Nope, people are judgmental — criticism is eternal, it can’t be avoided only ignored. Failure? Nope, life has no documented goal. The only thing we need protect ourself from is fear.

Which is worse? Fear induced loneliness and listlessness from self-imposed imprisonment? Or the excitement of exploration and the intensity of interaction? Neither path promises safety, but which one guarantees grief and which one has the potential for a fulfilling adventure? Fear is no friend, let it go and be free of the anxious influence.


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