Defeating Fear

Fear is our foe, the enemy we must vanquish. An expiration is placed upon our existence, yet how shall we endure it? Shall we quiver the entirety of this ride? Nay, let us not shrink from the thrill of life. Let us go boldly through this funhouse, laughing at every shocking sight, appreciating the spectacle of flashing light before us.

Within ourself and surroundings, we must snuff out the flame of fear. But what of those things that harm? The only thing we have to fear is fear itself, let this be our mantra. Fear is no protector, but an inhibitor. Fear freezes our flow, with it we cannot thrive, only languish. Never can we allow fear to put limitations on life.

No anxiety induced precaution is worth the toxin fear inflicts. We must always live as if life is wholesome by nature. The good among us must battle to bring an end not to particulars but to the fear that drowns humanity. Whenever we sense a noxious narrative overtake our thoughts, we must crush it posthaste — always remembering that fear in no way promotes safety but does guarantee grief.

The devil in all his guises has ever taken the form of fear, attempting to separate man from the goodness of life. We must see past this wicked illusion, for everything we need has always been within our grasp — yet fear makes it appear remote. Shake loose this nightmarish vision and forever-after partake in the nourishment of life.

We exit existence either way, so let us not simply expire while cowering within a self-imposed pit. Nay, let us step lively into the sun. If our tendency is to create, then do so until the very last breath. Without fear, there are no limits but those we define. If our tendency is to fight, then fight fear, destroy it and disarm those that wield it as a weapon.

Let us not go gentle into that good night without squeezing every bit of fear from our mortal frame. Let us live without concern for what each moment may bring. Let us at all times remember the futility of fear and its fraudulent fiction. Gutless inaction is what defines one’s demise, so its very opposite is dauntless activity. Therefore let us leap through life with a smile upon our face and hopefulness within our heart.


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