Daydream Believer

I was never much of a daydreamer. A worrier, yes. But since I no longer allow worrisome thoughts to linger, I have to fill in the gaps with something. So now if some thought about the future strikes my fancy I try to encourage it, explore the scenario a bit. I’ll even do some online research. I’ve found that I enjoy imagining such scenes. It’s nice.

For instance, not too long ago I was fantasizing about the prospect of receiving a large sum of money and moving to Disney World and living in Golden Oak. But I was wondering how I’d get there. I developed a tentative itinerary in which I would take a motorhome down the coast and stay in some really nice locations. But I didn’t want to go camping per se, I just wanted the comfort of traveling with a bathroom and kitchen on hand, plus it’d have decent storage.

In the past I’ve had actual nightmares about driving large motorhomes though. And since I wouldn’t really be camping, it’d make sense to have a tiny motorhome that can fit into parking spaces. That’s why I finally decided on a Roadtrek, either the SS Agile or the 190 Popular. These are standard parking-space sized vehicles. But the more I researched tiny motorhomes, the more I liked the idea — it’s become my new interest. Now I want to travel around to a few spots I picked out and see some sights.

I strongly dislike home-maintenance tasks. The idea of not having a house and yard to take care of tends to excite me. And in a lot of ways traveling around suits me. But of course, under current conditions none of this seems possible, I simply can’t afford it. Back in the day I would have resigned myself to this fact and chastised myself for considering a goal that could only end in disappointment (what a miserable outlook). Nowadays though, I’m more optimistic.

Part of the optimism deals with not taking life so seriously. If my goal doesn’t work out, so what? I can have fun planning it all. If while planning I find a new interest and set a new goal, that’s great too. I’m a little frustrated that I can’t have what I want right now, but that’s just how goals work. I have no practical plan to attain this goal, it’s merely a wish right now. But I’ve stopped limiting myself to practicality. I’ve been so overburdened by my habit of placing constraints on everything that I need to tryout the other perspective for awhile. Bon Voyage!


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