Mental Minder

Whenever the mind is wandering, always lead it to a pleasant place. At first the mind resists this constraint. It often wants to roll around in piles of poop. The mind is inexperienced and doesn’t know any better. It focuses on whatever evokes the most mental activity. But with our consciousness, the observer of the mind, we can begin to rein in this tempestuous beast.

It takes practice of course. We must be aware of our mind’s meanderings, ever watchful of it’s attitude. If we feel emotions dip, we must pull the mind away from the poison it’s consuming, those toxic thoughts. Weakened, we must provide nourishment, filling the mind with ideas and images that inspire comfort and joy. We should purposefully imagine satisfying circumstances with delightful outcomes.

If provided proper guidance, the mind will mature. If left to wander wherever, the mind will become an unruly tyrant. The mind is not at fault, it’s simply a curious creature exploring this way and that. It craves stimulation and loathes boredom. The mind will work with whatever raw materials it’s provided. We must feed it the best of what we can imagine.

By this practice life changes before our eyes. We gain the control we believed we never had. Once in command, our mind performs the tasks we assign it, we lose our fear of the world, we flourish. Pick the desired destination and maintain its image within the mind. A mind maintained with negative imagery stops us cold, now supply it with genuine positivity and see what happens.


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