Discovering Ourselves

My friend has a super-power. She remembers people’s names as well as tidbits about their lives. She has a gentle demeanor that puts people at ease. She listens with interest and regularly recalls facts brought up earlier in the conversation. Her reactions are considerate and nonjudgemental. Because of all this, people tend to adore her. She does this all effortlessly. I lack even the slightest bit of this ability, so it stands out to me.

Because it comes so naturally, she never recognized this ability as special. It’s difficult to see our own talent because to us it’s nothing extraordinary, it’s easy and everyday. And due to our ignorance, we have no inkling to apply our gift. It’s like a cat that never realizes what his claws are for, so he mopes around hoping to get fed instead of utilizing his innate hunting skill.

By not practicing our gift we wander aimlessly through life. A natural artist will often sit doodling until some outsider exclaims “Hey, you’re really good at drawing!” To her, it was nothing special until someone pointed out her exceptional ability. Singers are often recognized in the same manner. “Hey, you can really sing!” But for many, talent lies deeper below the surface.

Life is a bit silly in the sense that we’re all provided with certain exceptional abilities yet we need to discover what they are. And oftentimes we have to rely on others to tell us. We’re often shocked at people’s reactions and lack confidence in these abilities. But it’s in our interest to heed these hints and establish a faith in our ability while practicing what we do best — whatever it may be.


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