Ideal World

I’m going to imagine an ideal world, one that includes an idealized me. Within this world I’m going to imagine my ideal lifestyle, where I live, how I spend my time, the way in which I express my creativity, and my relationships with others. I’m only focusing on aspects I find pleasing. Boundless, I will imagine magnificent beauty and grand narratives that delight my senses.

There was a time not long ago when I imagined a wretched world. Dark and dangerous, it was a place where only bad things happened. Existence was a futile affair prone to imminent disaster. Every circumstance and every relationship teetered on a precipice. Luck determined one’s lot in life, a life consisting of limitless limitations. I focused on everything I did not like.

Both options involve my imagination. The “deary world” left me sad and despondent. The “pleasant world”, when imagined with the same level of sincerity can only infuse me with delight. My mind defaulted to a negative interpretation of its environment, but this mistake will be corrected. I can plainly see that it was overly sensitive to the surrounding stimuli.

I can recalibrate by regularly imagining my ideal. I can overwrite the perspective that was formed by an insecure frightened child. It’s understandable that such an inexperienced self could get lost in this place. But now it’s time to progress, to get my bearings, and proceed proactively. Hello world, my name is Rich, it’s nice to meet you.


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