Realm of Possibilities

At some point we awaken to our own existence. We look around and wonder where we are and what we should do. We assume those nearest us are our allies, although often this is not the case. Yet comically, we’re all just trying to figure out who we are, with some falling into roles more easily than others — or so it seems.

The true workings of the world are obfuscated, leaving us in constant quandary. In lieu of firm facts we desperately cling to ideas that seem solid at the moment. But the harder we hold, the more readily they crumble under pressure. Desperately we keep grasping for stability yet we continue slipping — drifting into despair.

But finally the light dawns. Our enshrouded mind blooms. The intellect that sought structure and security, that lamented a lack of limitation, now embraces the expansive freedom provided by such a realm as this. What seemed frighteningly boundless now provides the perfect canvas for creativity — and so we paint.

Within the imagination we design what we most want to see. We craft an ideal image of ourselves, delighting in our imagined abilities and attributes. We daydream of the life we want to lead, the interactions we want to have, the activities we prefer to perform, and the surroundings we’re within. This is the blueprint we draft.

The creative force underlying all of what we experience does the rest. As we witness our own dreams form before our eyes we no longer perceive the world as a series of fantastical coincidences. We receive whatever it is we maintain within the mind. We therefore cultivate calm, pick out what we find most pleasing, and focus. And we remember that within this realm of possibilities there are no limits.


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