Miraculous Expectations

I don’t think tasks and goals are achieved in the organic way we’ve been led to believe. For example, operating a two-ton device at speeds in excess of 70mph while surrounded by other such devices should fill any sane rational mind with trepidation. Yet it doesn’t. It’s routine. People that can barely operate other forms of machinery can miraculously drive a car. There’s a belief and an expectation that the activity can be accomplished, and so it is.

Back when I used to develop software I’d regularly come across seemingly impossible problems. I’d be stuck, then I’d do something else, and as if by some miracle the answer would come to me. A few years ago when I started writing about life, the same pattern emerged. I’d be having a difficult time and the answer would miraculously manifest, then I’d simply write it down. I didn’t know it all beforehand, or else I wouldn’t have had those problems to begin with.

While programming, I did expect to be a good programmer, and compared to those I worked with, I was. And a few years ago when I began writing, I did expect to develop an understanding about life that would allow me to become more comfortable and more satisfied, and it happened. People don’t take rigorous driving lessons, nor did I take rigorous programming or life lessons. An expectation was had and then by some miraculous means, met. Some people do believe in real physical incremental work, and their expectations are also met.

There’s an odd synchronicity with life, too fantastic to be random. In several major instances, I received things I wished for. I had no plan for attainment, I simply had the expectation of attainment. But in many areas of life I’ve had rock-bottom expectations, and sure enough I got my wish. I’m currently in the process of altering those low expectations. Again, I have no physical plan, just an expectation. For so long I’ve been imposing arbitrary limits on life yet I cannot justify these artificial constraints.


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