Nebulous Gap

A want appears within our thoughts. Some nebulous gap separates that want from its fruition. Why does the gap exist? And what steps are necessary to close the gap and fulfill the want?

Imagine a world in which there were no gaps. Whatever it is we wished immediately manifested. The world would quickly fill with junk we barely wanted. Instead, the world limits what we bring into existence by way of intensity-of-want. How passionately we desire determines what comes into being and how long it stays.

The gap is nebulous because the world isn’t as concrete as it portrays itself. No physical steps are necessary to get from point A to B. The gap between points is filled with whatever path we expect. If we expect a long stressful struggle to be part of attainment, then it will be. Our imagination forms the path we follow.

To get the want, want without worry — don’t self-sabotage. Fearing the fruition of a want is common, but that hesitation in itself becomes a new want overriding the initial want. To obtain a want, dismantle ideas that obstruct.

Wants are not fulfilled by physical means. This would require random synchronization to be a regular occurrence. Which is more absurd, that the world is one big accident filled with an infinite number of strangely synchronizing smaller accidents or that the world is a deliberate mirage shaped by intent?

The world is not obvious in its ways, its mechanisms are obfuscated on purpose. Would we rather stare at the internal components of a TV or look at its glowing screen? For the most part, life just works. We receive what we really want. Yet sometimes we despair when we can’t bear the gap.

But that gap is by design. Anticipation is a true joy of life. Fun can be had deliberating and defining the things we desire. And when we’re ready, when we’ve removed every barrier, we close the gap and the want is satisfied.

But by closing one gap, another rips open. This is the never-ending cycle of want. But if we look at fulfillment lightheartedly, we can enjoy this never-ending todo list. What would existence be without the feeling that something must get done? Contentment comes from following the trail of wants without obsession.


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