Material Misunderstanding

It’s become clear to me that I’ve harbored a fundamental misunderstanding of existence throughout most of my life. I believed that an odd series of synchronized accidents formed the foundation of every circumstance. But what I now understand is that the world is not the physical place it purports to be. Furthermore, our thoughts aren’t merely reactions to observations, they’re the very means by which we create our experiences.

This new understanding requires a different way of thinking. In the accidental view of life, fear was genuine. Random chance made life a delicate affair, calamity could strike at any moment. The course of one’s life was subject to the whims of the chaotic world. But with the intentional view of life, the path we take is created before our eyes in response to our expectations.

Since early on, life seemed so turbulent — but of course it did, my mind was likewise unrestrained, wandering everywhere while seeing every one of its images as truth. I had imagined hard times and received them. But now that my mind has somewhat calmed, my life has likewise mellowed. Now I am ready to imagine good times.

Why did my mind default to such dour imagery? I don’t know. But now I know I can dismiss that darkness. Now I know to focus my mind on what I prefer. This is a different way of thinking for me, requiring dedication and practice. But the trade is an easy one, I’m overwriting worries with wishes. I flip the switches illuminating what I most want to see.


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