State of the State

It’s been four years since I started this blog. My friend was tired of listening to my incessant rambling and told me to post it online. Fair enough. I’m much more succinct in written form. Relatedly, I asked myself how I would spend my time if I had unlimited resources. It turned out that writing down thoughts and posting them online was high up on the list of things to do.

In the past four years, this blog has provided me with a sense of purpose and satisfaction as well as a greater understanding of life. It’s not an externally successful blog, but internally it’s been a smashing success. But last November (5 months ago), as an experiment, I began thinking in terms of external success. So accordingly, I’ve been adjusting my perspective to align with surface-level manifestations of success. How’s it going?

Because it’s my nature, I’m taking a thought-based approach. First, I’ve been dismantling my limiting beliefs. For my purposes, I’ve settled on the idea that the world is a computer-simulation that’s programmed in real-time by our prevailing thoughts and intentions. To attain success, I must believe its attainment is possible. Second, I’ve been defining what external success looks like to me. For example, I regularly look at the houses and locations in which I want to reside. Or more simply: to attain what I want, I must know what I want.

So I’ve been preparing my mind for success. Having pessimistic tendencies, I’d often see the worst aspects of life as the only valid interpretation of circumstances. I also had to accept the artistry underlying external achievement — the world is a canvas on which we can paint whatever it is we want. Being so negative, obviously I didn’t want my nightmarish visions to manifest before me. But now I imagine pleasant things while daydreaming of positive outcomes. I’d genuinely like to see such things come into being.

Worded a bit differently: if sitting before a canvas, with brush in hand, with nothing but gruesome thoughts and the darkest of palettes, why would I want to paint? What a miserable experience it would be. First I need to seek enjoyable inspiration and refresh my palette with lighter hues. Then the painting can begin, then I can be satisfied with the process and its result.


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