Juvenile Judgement

An excerpt from the fictional tales of Demagogue and Fugue.

Mommy I want more. Mommy I’m scared. Although it’s said in many ways, this is the crux of their argument. Couched and camouflaged under the cover of legitimacy, there are those that greedily take while fiercely protecting what they already have. What happens when scared selfish brats reach adulthood? Look around. Age does not magically manifest maturity.

And for no reason but to bully, those in positions of power push around the weakest among us. Made out to be bogeymen, media mouthpieces manipulate while laws pass and businesses adjust. For what purpose? To protect the sensitivities of childlike minds? Because change is scary? Because having a little less is perceived as having nothing at all?

But there is good news in all this. Fears can be alleviated. Bullies can change. The ignorant can be educated. But for all this to happen, the adults among us must play their part. Fear itself is our enemy, not imagined lack, not fantasy-based foes. We are already under actual attack from little tyrants with their gluttonous grabbers.

We must have compassion for these adults suffering with childish fears, but let us not fall for their false finger pointing. Our only enemy is immaturity. Now hush little-one, mommy and daddy are here. Don’t be afraid. There’s enough for everyone. Shhh, sweetheart. Lay down your sticks and stones, no one wants to hurt you.


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