Thinker of Thoughts

What signifies someone as a “natural” is an early ease, a predilection for practicing whatever it is they do well. I’m a natural thinker. While everyone was busily buzzing around me, I’d sit quietly and think. But just as a musician must play for an audience, I too must externally express my nature, so I write thoughts down. Writing itself is not something I necessarily enjoy, it’s simply the most effective method I’ve found for conveying thought.

What makes me a natural thinker? For one, I have the ability to sit completely still for long periods of time, often contemplating or compiling data. I also have the capacity to hold and process complex ideas. I’m not particularly clever or quick-witted, as my thinking tends to go deep and requires time to retrieve. My ability isn’t tuned for fast-answers, it only applies when depth and perspective are required.

So what use is a thinker? Admittedly, I’m not that useful when it comes to day-to-day living. I prefer sitting and thinking rather than doing. On the plus side of that, I require very little upkeep and minimal attention. My utility manifests when minds are muddled. At some point in their life, everyone will wrestle with unanswerable questions — who better to consult than someone with decades of existential wrestling experience?

But doesn’t everybody think? Everybody can pick up a hammer and smack a nail, but that doesn’t make them a carpenter. Like any other craftsman, I engage in a disciplined practice, honing my thoughts, discovering the most satisfying answers, those capable of keeping the quandary at bay. And despite living in the world of thought, I seek practical solutions that apply to the physical realm we’re in.

Artists draw from a vision others lack, musicians assemble tones that enchant the ear, storytellers create worlds with their words. Thinkers are no different in their ability to bring forth ideas from a seemingly supernatural space. Those receiving inspiration never know whence it comes, it just comes. But we often attempt to tune our antennas, hoping to receive the clearest picture possible from the incoming signal.

By all this, I’m not claiming to be particularly good at my craft. I’m not the best thinker, nor necessarily even a good one, but I am one — a thinker of thoughts — that’s my role. I ingest input from the world, observe it swirl around in my mind, and document my impressions of it all. It is not our place to do and die, but to ever reason why, and to make a critical reply.


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