Let the Games Begin

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Revelation of Genesis.
The comic-book story of a character named Genesis.

Reading of severe inequalities, I lament them. But when has this situation never not been the case? When have massive amounts of human meat not been used as a means to move metaphorical mountains? Soldiers, slaves, farmers, laborers, builders, sailors, factory-workers. This is the human condition, no? To wish an end to such disparity seems a wish to deny humanity its very nature.

Men’s minds are unable to hold the names of everyone on earth, only their figureheads — creating a hierarchy of identity. Yet within myself, I reject systems of authority — the world of ideas resides beyond such surface elevations. Logic and reason, these are the ultimate authority. To me, the society I live within seems unnecessarily rough.

I see the coarseness and want so badly to smooth it. But I’ve also seen instances in which my inclinations are too severe. Many people seemingly prefer chaotic conditions. And a desire to shape the world according to one’s own vision of perfection is the stuff of super-villains. To save others from themselves is a despot not a savior.

So I watch quietly on the sidelines, observing the horseplay. It’s not my place to participate. It’s always been this way and always will be. But if it is only a game, perhaps I am perceiving it much too seriously. Pawns are meant to be played. Should they gather dust simply because I’ve stubbornly deemed myself above such tomfoolery?

Who am I to deny one side an eligible player? If I exist, then surely there are others seeking a similar stability, a societal balance bringing both ends to the middle. But one cannot utilize force when the intended outcome is the increased enjoyment of all. The tool of the trade therefore, is persuasion. One end must graciously give back to the whole from which they took while the other end must graciously receive.

There are those diametrically opposed to balance and fairness. They desire abundance and privilege. I seek not to deny them their tendencies, merely constrain the extent that such behaviors affect others. The meek are due their share of a world no man created, just as any other. No one need compete against cut-throat adversaries to attain the resources provided for all.

So let the games begin. On side, those that elevate to the point of leaving deficiencies. On the other side, those seeking equilibrium. And in the middle, massive amounts of minds to be swayed one way or the other. I believe in the inherent goodness of such an endeavor, that bitter struggle is not an essential facet of existence, and that all are created equal and endowed with the rights and resources to pursue a life of happiness.


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