Religious Relief

Religion helps us deal with life by providing quick answers to difficult questions, helping us digest the otherwise indigestible. When applied appropriately, religion keeps us from constant quandary, no longer having to figure out answers to timeless questions each and every time they arise. Religion therefore, is not an enemy of logic and reason, it is simply a tool to satisfy the mind.

But such a powerful tool needs to be handled with care — we must be vigilant against its misuse. We must not stretch it beyond its capacity as a collection of comforting concepts. These ideas are not absolutes but simply a set of abstract explanations. We must refrain from fetishizing, obsessing on obscure aspects while missing the point entirely: religion’s goal is to soothe our soul.

Religion performs its work by providing us with an external perspective of existence. This far-away viewpoint minimizes the importance of our everyday endeavors. We no longer have to worry, as there is something greater than earthly artifacts and daily drama. And from this heavenly distance, borders blur, distinctions diminish — we are no longer struggling singletons, but a thriving interconnected congregation.

Religion allows us to alter life’s intensity. If at any time we’re overwhelmed, we can simply see life as an illusion, a show, a game, a fictional experience. Religion provides the option to fill-in the blanks with whatever we find pleasing. Religion bestows life as a gift, allowing gratitude — and there is no better display of thanks than a smile on our face as we receive each and every day.


One thought on “Religious Relief

  1. I largely agree with you it is ‘the opiate of the people.’
    ‘We can simply see life as an illusion, a show , a game , a fictional experience.’
    An excellent thought but I fear many religious and secular people would be offended at such a light- hearted view of life.

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