Weaponized Words

An excerpt from the fictional tales of Wizard of Words.

A punch seems powerful until matched against a gun. A gun seems powerful until matched against an artillery bombardment. Artillery seems powerful until matched against a missile tipped with a nuclear warhead. But what is it that directs these so-called powerful weapons? Words. How did these destructive inventions come into being, but by cooperation made possible through words. More powerful than one gun, is a thousand guns held by men with a unifying belief. Territories became larger over time because alliance beats aggression — and alliances are forged with words.

Words, therefore, are the the most powerful weapon in the universe. With words we make many into one. With words we tell of our dreams and discoveries, building atop each one in never-ending advancement. Our world is terraformed by words, populations migrate around the globe while stirred by words of inspiration. In this sense, wizardry is most certainly an actual phenomenon, with wizards casting spells of mass persuasion. Words work their magic within the malleable minds of mankind.

What is a zombie, but a mindless, joyless automaton. Upon the Earth so much of mankind meanders about, seas of people spill this way and that. There are those that direct this flow for their own ends and amusement. But there are those that oppose this wanton manipulation, as it is within their nature to see the full worth of others. The zombie apocalypse is an apt metaphor for the battle before us, yet it won’t be fought with primitive melee weapons and firearms, but with words.

On one side, profiteers seek to better their own situation, treating people as pawns and playthings. They see only what’s before them and squabble over the spoils. On the other side, there are those that perceive mankind as a single entity, and are ever discomforted by the suffering of others, thinking none can suffer, lest we all do. They see life as a shared experience to be enjoyed by the entirety. Short-term comfort versus long-term contentment. But be aware, there are wizards on both ends as their level of maturity compels them toward one side or the other.

Maturation is part of the process of living, so it is to be expected. Those on the unifying side simply seek to maintain balance, as fluctuating systems often falter toward one end. And so this balancing force comes into being when the scales tip. A wave of words will flow through the multitude, flushing out the faulty while instilling a sense of interconnectedness. But this alteration is not without effort, as those on each side will push and pull until equilibrium is restored.

It is in our interest to prepare, readying ourselves to receive the incoming message of unity and goodwill. We must quell the quarrel within our own mind as well as within our external sphere of influence. As in times past, the outcome is preordained — it need only play out. With a spirit of openness we must strive to bring about consenting cooperation while seeking to dissuade divisive immaturity. We must seek to elevate, ever rising to the occasion and performing our part as humanity travels the path toward an enlightened society.


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