Pure Play

A sense of urgency, a drive to do, a need to complete — these are nothing but suggestions. Fear and anxiety likewise are mere suggestions. As we come into this world blinded by ignorance, we are led by suggestions provided by our internal impulses. But as we are more than automatons, our observing selves hold some sway over our course — an influence that increases with practice.

Nothing is necessary. There is no need to achieve. What’s already destined to dissolve cannot be defended. Everything that comes, goes. Yet we can enjoy our attempts at accomplishment as long as we realize the overall context of unimportance. It’s a story, a game, something to do for fun. At the end of the day, at the end of our lives, the things we do are for entertainment purposes only.

And so there is ultimately nothing to fear, there is no clock that must be beaten, there is nothing but pure play. Knowing we have only a temporary time to exist, how can we do anything but frolic under the sun? Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die — a simple prescription for an easy life. Stress and struggle are perceptions produced by taking life too seriously.

Does the manner or moment of our demise matter? Not one bit. So why worry? Must we eat and drink? Yep. Must we be merry? Nope, but why be anything but? Should we not seek to smile in every second? What use is gloom, why focus on the worst of life? If at a buffet, why select what’s least appealing? In this life, let go, allowing satisfaction in — and always be considerate of others, as joy is best shared.