Painted World

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Lighthearted.

With words we paint our world. Should we select desaturated hues? Or should we strive to select none but the brightest colors? Why depict the worst when we can concentrate on the best? With words we wield the means to cast spells upon our audience. Should we speak words that summon sullen moods — or those that induce delight? Words shape the world by portraying perspective.

It is our duty to monitor our minds, observing which paint we apply, knowing the underlying tone we create. We must become as skilled artists honing our craft. Our paint is supplied by an endless deluge of thought, we must mix with care, selecting the tints we want to apply, avoiding a muddy mix of dingy darkness.

In every age mankind is enveloped by murky shades until perceivers of light lead the way. Behold the bright beacon before us. Walk toward the light, bathing in its resplendent glory. Feel the surge of warmth as sun shines down upon receptive skin. Absorb the energy as it charges and ultimately bursts forth from words spoken, burning a swath of righteousness, a path to perfection.

The world is how words describe it to be. We the perceivers of light must therefore do our part, offering definitions that serve to enlighten mankind. We must not allow the world to be defined by such themes as pessimism and struggle. We must strive to elevate and paint pictures of positivity and joy. Shall we allow life to be known as a dreary experience?

We must be willing to shine our light into a dark world, combining our intensity into the power of a thousand suns. With open hands we must radiate welcome, provide comfort for those in distress, and build a foundation of cooperation from which we all thrive. Existence is a celebration we’ve all been invited to, and so may we all ensure each other’s enjoyment.


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