Ecstatic Eruption

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Lighthearted.

There is a light within this world ignited by the spark of hope within kindling of cheer. While negativity attempts to dampen its glow, this positivity powered beacon outshines any shade before it. Imagining the delightful, fuel this fire with fantasy, feeding it pleasant thoughts of joy.

When set ablaze, witness it burn through the wettest of blankets. There is no stopping it, like endlessly flowing glowing lava rolling down in the dark it envelops while melting a pathway of molten merriment. This is the power hidden below the surface of the mind, ready to blow its top.

Release it by chipping away the detritus, keeping it clean and free of debris. Mind the mind, tending it as a garden of gaiety. BOOM! With an unstoppable force tiny sprouts become stocks so thick they cannot be shaken. Amidst the wind of the world, become solid, smile.

Now be the light. With eyes unadjusted, those surrounding are blinded by brightness. Within this disorientation hold hands and gently lead. Candles bound together create a collective intensity. Become the light of the world, a bonfire of bliss, ushering in those lost to darkness.


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