Invincible Illusion

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Lighthearted.

When you’re so immersed in a video game or movie that you become the character, at what point do you feel a sense of power and invincibility? It’s when the character displays an ability to influence his surroundings in a constructive way. During this scene you have nothing but positive predictions about its outcome, you know it’ll end well. You feel fate siding with the character. Underlying this sequence is your recognition of its fictional nature and so you’re not ultimately worried — what exists as illusion is in a sense indestructible. Characters live on, they respawn, their stories inexhaustibly begin anew.

If we want these feelings of power and invincibility in our own lives, then we would develop beliefs that support such feelings. We would believe that life has our best interests at heart. We would believe that life’s happenings are not random, but determinately in our favor. And with this foundation of trust we would positively imagine the future, fantasizing about what we want to come to fruition. Then as in a video game, we would experiment with altering our environment until we find what we can influence. And upon our discovery, we would repeatedly practice, developing a sense of mastery in our ability to shape our surroundings.

We need not ever feel fearful. And to guarantee anxiety holds no power over us, we must build a foundation of belief to support an indomitable spirit. The best news about this is that our fears were fantasy-based to begin with. We’re not trading fact for fiction but simply swapping one story for another. The world is not a dark and gruesome affair forever out to entrap its inhabitants. What a miserable outlook. Life is a perspective, different from every angle. And so we turn our head to gaze upon the bright beacon before us whose brilliance outshines even the deepest recesses in their darkest hour.

What this light illuminates can no longer be described in the negative. Shadows cannot exist amidst omnipotent radiance. And by this brilliance we become translucent, broadcasting our enlightened glow. We become more than a basic body, more than a mere mind, we become the essence of sublime resplendency. Such luminosity cannot be hidden nor restrained in any manner and thus we become one with all things instantaneously. This is the transcendence written about in scrolls of old, this is the wisdom repeated in every age, this is the message we’ve been waiting to receive, this is the reason we felt incomplete — but now it finds us, ready and wanting — inviting us to let our light so shine before mankind.


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