Lighthearted Creed

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Lighthearted.

The Lighthearted

The creed of The Lighthearted is a simple one: if surrounded by darkness, should we not seek the light? In other words, we strive to smile, to find a reason to laugh at life. And we all have our different methods of merriment, yet there are some guidelines we hold common.

We value the enjoyment of all, none should suffer for our sake — therefore unity and equality are ideals we aim for. In all situations we strive to place cooperation above conflict, glee above gloom, hope above horror — we are puritanical about positivity. Although we are free to delve into the depths of humanity, we always devise a description that makes for a happy ending.

We see thought as the basis of existence — and this immaterial infrastructure means we can influence our world with imagination. Within such a fictional realm we are without fear, our demise doesn’t matter. Our physical forms are mere seats from which we spectate. We are a patient and peaceful audience, applauding and appreciating what passes in and out of view.

To achieve our perspective we practice pruning our thoughts, removing the harmful while encouraging the helpful. From our vantage point we coordinate a comfortable distance from life’s dramas. We focus on aspects of existence we find pleasing while forming events into pleasant narratives. And because the world is malleable within the mind, we lack limitations.

We understand and appreciate that life is providing us fodder for thought, we arrive into this world with nothing and leave likewise. We are pure awareness temporarily transported through an amusement park. But as in any park, there exists an expectation of politeness and respect for the surroundings. We recognize that friendship is the foundation of fun, and we share this Earth not reluctantly but purposefully. And any that adopt this creed can consider themselves among The Lighthearted.


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