Lighthearted Idea

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Lighthearted.

“The Lighthearted” is an idea that frees one from fearing life or death. Such an idea liberates the mind from constant quandary. So for those weary of worry, there exists the option of residing among the lighthearted. But know that this state entails a journey, a process that begins and ends within the mind among endlessly swirling thoughts. Through the examination and reinterpretation of these thoughts, existence loses its factual facade and becomes fictional. Through repetition, introspection, and the redefinition of circumstances, life transforms into a pleasing experience.

Thoughts themselves are treasures, comprising all that’s known of life. The issue is not with thoughts but their evaluation — thoughts are merely the raw material of the mind. Early on in life, as these impressions flow through, it seems as if an uncontrollable current of constant thought dictates every action and mood. And this is true, many are lost to the overwhelming deluge. But through the power of focus and interpretation, particular thoughts can be minimized and redefined, while others welcomed and amplified.

The lighthearted take this a step further, evaluating thoughts only in the most delightful ways. A mind so malleable requires a foundation of unknowableness, an acceptance that there is no concrete reality upon which the entirety of the world agrees. If doubt remains, simply attempt to seek out unshakable facts firsthand (Spoiler Alert: they can’t be found). Because of inherent limitations, perspectives are necessarily narrow and cannot fathom an ultimate all-encompassing truth. Consequently, everything is questionable.

But by this confidence in ignorance, life becomes a blank canvas. Thoughts are the paint. The lighthearted apply only the brightest colors, leaving the rest on the palette. The subjects of scenes are the same seen by all yet the lighthearted highlight the most personally appealing parts. This is the artistry of joy. Through repeated practice, cheery hues transform whatever comes into view. And so “The Lightheaded” offers those tired of the drab an opportunity to pick up a brush and begin painting life into a source of satisfaction filled with happy little trees.


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