Among Us

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Lighthearted.

Among the lighthearted there is no fear, no worry of death, life is understood as amusement, existence becomes a gift. Patience reigns, attainment comes from cooperation, there is regard for others’ enjoyment.

Among the lighthearted, thoughts come into focus, moods are cultivated, imagination shapes the world. The mind becomes a garden: positivity a seed, negativity a weed.

Among the lighthearted humankind itself is an entity whose health is paramount to the constituent parts. There is an awareness of the world, its inhabitants, and sympathy for those perceiving a nightmare.

Among the lighthearted a bright beacon beams into the gloom, a signal of safe harbor. Soothing and distance from drama.

To be among the lighthearted one need nurture the mind. Focus upon the light. With practice the seemingly concrete nature of existence is dismantled into bits, pure particles of potential. Shape this raw material into what pleases. There is no inherent quality of experience, everything opens to interpretation.


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