Serendipitous Life

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Wandering Monk.

No, I’m serious. Think about it. You think all this happens by chance? Come on. You’re implying that serendipity is the basis for not only our individual existence, but the formation of the society in which we live, as well as every circumstance that occurs on this gigantic rock that’s hurtling around a flaming ball of gas? One thing goes wrong and the entire system spins out of control, yet for however long it’s been, everything has gone perfectly right? That’s ludicrous.

Life keeps us so preoccupied that we’re not allowed even two minutes to consider this oddity. Again, that’s not a coincidence. Try and sit still to ponder it and even your mind betrays you. But for whatever reason, I can sit still, I’ve done it. Combined with the years I practiced quieting and directing my thoughts, I’ve sat still. And in the quiet of the mind I’ve come to know the fictional nature of existence. And after experiencing that, I can tell that others know it too.

It’s like some spiritual playbook we’re all reading from, it overlaps too often to be chance. Of course this isn’t real. But so what — that’s the good news. When you realize a dream is only a dream, the tension fades rapidly. The intensity of a movie melts when you remind yourself it’s nothing but blinking lights on a screen. That’s not your body — did you select it off a rack, did you pay for it, where are the instructions? Don’t worry about it, it’s only a concept, a vehicle transporting you through fantasy.

So don’t be scared anymore, release the fear and anxiety. Embrace the fiction. Be thankful for the action-packed immersion. Trust in the story and focus on the parts you most enjoy. I’ve been in your position. I believed in chance, I believed that danger lurked around every corner, that I had to be cautious to survive. But it just isn’t so. You don’t make your heart beat, life does that. You don’t ultimately provide the sustenance you need to survive, life does that. Trust life, you really have no choice — life has taken you this far hasn’t it?


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